Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Padang & Bukittinggi Trip Day 1

This time we travel to west Sumatra and visiting 2 cities, Padang and Bukittinggi.

Day 1
Flight from Jakarta landed at Minangkabau International Airport Padang in the mid day, and before continuing our journey to Bukittinggi, we took our lunch at Pondok Makan Devi, which famous for their sea food with Padang recipe.

After lunch we went to Bukittinggi but unfortunately we have to detour and took extra more time.

We passing by 3 lake, Diatas Lake, Dibawah Lake and Singkarak Lake.

Diatas Lake and Dibawah Lake also called Twin Lake because of both location are near. Diatas lake (diatas meaning upper) and Dibawah lake (dibawah meaning under) have the contradiction meaning in fact because Diatas Lake (Upper Lake) is located below Dibawah Lake (Under Lake), but i don't know why people named it like that.

Singkarak lake is the second's largest lake in Sumatra after the famous Toba Lake in North Sumatra and now it's famous for the annual bicycle road race, Tour de Singkarak.

If you have spare time, don't forget to visit Singkarak lake and try the famous Bilis fish. Unfortunately we arrived Singkarak lake in the evening, so we can't try it because the seller have already closed.

In the journey we stop by to have local Durian (the smelling fruit)

When we approaching Padang Panjang we took our dinner at Aie Badarun Restaurant. It's provide Padang styles food and famous for its bubur Kampiun, too.


We spent the night at Rocky Hotel, Bukittinggi.

Continue to Day 2, Padang and Bukittinggi Trip Day-2

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