Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Padang and Bukittinggi Trip Day 2

Day 2

From hotel, first we visiting Bung Hatta Museum (the former first vice president house). Bung Hatta was born in this house and the house became a museum now.

Living Room


Dinning Room

Gig's Garage

From Bung Hatta Museum our journey continue to Kelok 9. It's named Kelok 9 because it has 9 turn. Before it was built, we have to drive slowly and one by one in this area because the older had narrow road and fit 1 car only.

Guest, what was the man doing? This man is a photographer and inside the box is printer to print the photo.

Leaving Kelok 9, we heading near Payakumbuh to view the beautiful Harau Valley.

Sometimes this place is used by rock climbing, too.

Because it's time to have lunch, we decided to take our lunch at Pongek Situjuah. The restaurant's view is rice fields so we can have the fresh air when we took our meals.

Our next stop is back to Bukittinggi to visit Sianok Canyon (Ngarai Sianok)

Inside the Sianok Canyon there are some monkeys which freely walking, playing and doing the day to day living.

This is the Sianok Canyon looks like. We can step down to find the Japanese cave, which was used to hiding.

Next stop is Limpapeh Bridge which connecting the Fort de Kock and Kinantan wildlife and cultural park. Limpapeh bridge is over the busiest Ahmad Yani road at Pasar Atas.

We close our day with dinner at Family Restaurant before back to hotel.

Try the Gado-gado (mix vegetables) because it's different styles with Javanese Gado gado.

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