Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Padang and Bukittinggi Trip Day 3

Day 3

Today our itinerary was visited Fort de Kock, Kinantan Zoo & Cultural Park or Bukittinggi Zoo, Gadang Clock Tower, Maninjau Lake with view from Turn 37 and Lawang Adventure Park.

The first stop is Fort de Kock. It was built by Capt. Bauer in 1825. You can't see anymore fortress here, but there is several cannon left. 

From Fort de Kock we can walk crossing the Limpapeh bridge which is lying over Ahmad Yani road.

From the Limpapeh bridge we can see the Mt. Marapi and view of Bukittinggi

Stepping down Limpapeh bridge we come to Kinantan Zoo & Culture and then continue 10 minutes walking to Gadang Tower Clock (Menara Jam Gadang). The clock maker is the same with the well known London's Big Ben, Vortmann Relinghausen. 

It was built at 1926 as a gift from The Dutch Queen to Rook Maker (used to be Secretary of Bukittinggi Mayor). The form of pitching roof have been changed 3 times, first in Dutch colony period (the form of circle and cock statue above it), the Japanese colony the form of (Chinese Temple) and Indonesia style now (the form of the traditional Minangkabau house) 

After Bukittinggi city tour, our next destination in Turn 37 where we can see the view of Maninjau Lake. 

We have better Maninjau Lake view from Lawang Adventure Park.

The lake is like a mirror, very beautiful view.

Next we continue our trip back to Padang to visit the new mosque with the roof use Minangkabau house styles.

For dinner we stop at local restaurant that serve sea food. You have to try this, it's my recommendation.

After dinner and our last day in Padang, we spent the night at Saudara coffee shop at Jalan Tepi Pasang where you can buy Sorbat, it's consist of ginger with milk and egg or you can try the es cendol, .  


Es Cindua

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