Thursday, September 29, 2016

Seongeup Folk Village, Jeju island

When visit to another country, i want to know the culture and tradition in that country.

When visiting South Korean, i visit Seongeup Folk Village in the foot of Halla mountain, Jeju island.

This is the South Korean traditional village ..

The entrance gate 
Actually the gate have meaning, if one bar is up it means the owner of the house is gone and will be back soon, if two bar is up it means the owner will be out for the entire day and if three bar is up it means the owner will be out for a long time.

The fence is made by stone structure

The front look of the house
The roof is made by thatched 

Catching the rainfall in a jug
Because lack of water, the villager use a tree and a jug to catch the water. As the water coming down from the tree and leaves the straw will clean the water.

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