Monday, September 26, 2016

View of Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany have many famous sights, and this is a few of it

Potsdamer Platz, is the new center of Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin Cathedral (with 368 m high TV tower in the background),

Charlottenburg Palace, the largest and the most beautiful royal palace. It used to be the summer residence of Sophie Carlotte, the first queen of Prussia.

Friedrichwerdersche Kirche, a new gothic masterpiece by architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It used to be a church and now become a museum. It has a magnificent beauty of colorful glass windows;

Brandenburg gate, is a famous landmark. It's a former symbol of divided city of Berlin (West Berlin and East Berlin) and now is a symbol of peace and unity;

Plastik Berlin, a broken chain monument;

Oberbaum bridge with Metro; a double deck bridge crossing river Spree;

UNESCO Bode Museum on museum island, a home for sculpture collection;

Nikolaiviertel is the historical old town of Berlin

 Thanks Antje & Nadja