Thursday, December 29, 2016


I got postcard from Netherland. 

The sender told me that in Amsterdam every 5 years there is an event named Sail Amsterdam, when tall ships from all over the world visit Amsterdam and we can visit the ship, too

In September, in Tiel there is a big fruit events. Tiel is famous for fruit production, Excited? Please visit 

There is also a large pop event called Appelpop, you can visit where many visitors come with tent and stay 2 days and the good news is no admission it's free 😊

In the city of Nijmegen there is an annual event called the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen.
The participant walk 30/40/50 km per day. Do you want to join that event? Pleas go to

Netherland have a unique costume festival, too named Elfia and Kastle festival where the participant will dress in a unique and will expression their dreams

And this postcard sent to me. It's show what you can do when water become ice in winter.

Thanks Elies

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